The Ties Which Bind Us Series

My current historical fiction novel is Book 1 of the series The Ties Which Bind Us. It takes place circa 1860. The description of it is below. Would it be something you’d be interested in reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts on it with me via the contact page.

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The Ties Which Bind Us – Book 1

At thirty-two, socially awkward, borderline genius, Grayson Ashworth is perfectly content in his career. Yet, when the opportunity presents itself to assist a fellow botanist in completing a labor of love, he realizes that to survive beyond his comfortable place of reassurance in the world, he needs to first step outside of it.

Traveling on expeditions of a lifetime from Lancashire, England to the far-flung corners of the earth, are only the beginning for Grayson. His fascination with the unique places and people opens an entirely new world to him.

His inward journey is one of discovery, understanding, acceptance, reconciliation, and love. Self-reflection comes into play, and the emotions he experiences cause him to question everything he thought he knew about himself and those around him.

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