Tangible Dreams

My novella Tangible Dreams was published on June 14, 2014. It is Out of Print as a stand-alone book, but it appears in Journey into the Soul.

Tangible Dreams is about two people, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, a photographer for a travel magazine and Christian Dominguez, a skilled craftsman. They are different in so many ways, except for one thing – They both have the desire to be able to take charge of the situations they have been handed in life and out of them create their own tangible dreams.

Readers’ Reviews

Thanks to Pia it made it to Starbucks in the U.K.

This next review means so much to me because it came from a dear friend and colleague who lost her battle with an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis only a few years after the publication of her third and final novel, Emma’s Cradle. Tamara (Tammy) Koch was a young and vibrant soul who loved writing and photography. I was privileged to be both the developmental editor and copy editor for Emma’s Cradle, and work alongside Tammy from thousands of miles away, as she lived in the Netherlands.

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