Published Articles and Columns

Here are a few of my favorite clips.

What Is a Clip?

“In the writing world, samples of your published work are often referred to as “clips.” The term comes from the old days of print journalism, when reporters would clip out their best work from the newspaper or magazine it was published in and put those stories into a scrapbook that could be shared with potential employers.

Today, most clips are in digital format; even work that appeared in print originally usually has a digital counterpart, like an online posting. If there’s no digital version, then it’s best to scan your print article and save it as a PDF to share as part of your portfolio.” – Kate Sullivan Clip It: How To Build a Professional Writing Portfolio

Little India Magazine

India – Bollywood Column – Paramount Airways In-flight Magazine

City Masala Magazine

India New England Newspaper

New Zealand – The Global Indian

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