Navin Kundra’s Punjabi Song in Postcards from Goa

When I was writing Postcards from Goa and came to a scene that required a Punjabi song, Navin Kundra’s music was the only one I wanted for it. It was a beautiful love song that he had written and sung early in his career, and it was the perfect fit for the scene.

The song is “Main Ha Tere Naal”, and it means “I Am With You.” Having always loved everything about it, from the lyrics to the music, to the way Navin sang it, I took a chance and asked him if I could use it. However, he wondered how I was going to incorporate a song into my story. I explained the scene and how we could have the lyrics and translation written out in it. He took the leap of faith in me and readily agreed. I was over the moon, to say the least, especially when he also gave me permission to use it for the soundtrack of the book trailer. And if this weren’t enough, Navin also penned a very special message for my novel as well, which appears after the acknowledgments in the book, and is referred to on the front cover under my name. Here is it in full.

It is a real honour to have my music used in this beautiful love story. When I originally wrote ‘Main Ha Tere Naal’ (‘I Am With You’), it was a genuine call to anyone in the world who felt alone or was going through a difficult time. I consider it my good fortune that the first person to respond was the author of this book, Simi Silva.

In the ten years since, we have enjoyed a unique friendship full of music and literature, and I am proud to see Simi releasing ‘Postcards from Goa’ for the world to read. To date, I get some incredible messages from people all over the world about this song, so it really is the perfect fit for this stunning story.

Now if you are wondering why a Punjabi song features in a story about Goa, India, well my friends, you will just have to read Postcards from Goa to find the answer. Publication day will be here very soon.

In the meantime, you can see the video of the book trailer here.

The only place where you can get Main Ha Tere Naal is on Navin’s ‘ISHQ HUMARA’ ALBUM – VOICE OF LEGENDS CONCERT EXCLUSIVE (LIMITED EDITION SIGNED CD) You can purchase it here.

This is a photo of the first CD that Main Ha Tere Naal was featured on.

My Business Card

This is my new business card with the logo that I have been using since 2011. Navin Kundra envisioned the look of the fountain pen in between the back-to-back letter ‘S’ for my initials, and Manoj Vijayan took the concept and designed it. Two great and talented minds came together and created this amazing logo for me.

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