Journey into the Soul

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Journey into the Soul’ is about six couples with very different stories. It shows how each couple’s lives entwine, sometimes turning everything upside down.

When the power of love comes into play, we can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, discover deep human emotions, and come to understand how the heart heals, despite adversities.

Readers’ Reviews

This next review is from a dear friend who we suddenly and tragically lost only weeks after she posted it, leaving us all stunned and heartbroken. Meeta was a self-less, loving, supportive, humble and beautiful person and friend, who would do anything for you. She made fast friends with her bubbly and infectious personality, her smile, laugh, and genuineness. Meeta was a true gem and sorely missed, but we will keep her and our memories together in our hearts and minds.

We are also raising funds to benefit kidney patients at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust including dialysis patients at the Hamilton Unit in Leicester, in Meeta’s memory. Please consider donating if you can. Thank you in advance. Meeta Madhani Fundraising/Donation Page

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