Book Club Questions

Postcards from Goa

Who was your favorite character in Postcards from Goa? Who was your least favorite? Why?

Can you personally relate to any one or several of the characters? How?

Postcards from Goa spans over fifty years, from 1945-1999 in three parts. Which part was your favorite? Why?

Why do you think it was so important for Eva to tell Tatiana her story?

Who has the biggest impact on Tatiana? What conclu­sions does she reach after putting together all the facts about life, love, and relationships?

Do you feel that Sundar is a strong character? What are his weaknesses, if any?

Maria has “what ifs” in her life. What are they, and how did her character change? Do you think she remains in Goa at the end of the novel?

What do you feel is the central tension of  the novel?

What was the most interesting fact you learned from Post­cards from Goa?

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