UPDATE – The Ties Which Bind Us

Hello all. I’m just stopping in with a quick but exciting update. Originally, The Ties Which Bind Us was a single novel. However, it is morphing beautifully into a four-book series, titled the same, where each book will have its own unique title that captures the theme’s essence. More details will be forthcoming very soon.Continue reading “UPDATE – The Ties Which Bind Us”

In Loving Memory of a Dear Friend

On July 11, 2021, a dear friend and colleague lost her life due to a car accident the week before. Today, was her memorial service, which was heartbreakingly beautiful. Meeta was a beautiful soul and would do everything in her power to support others. In Meeta’s memory, family and friends are continuing to support othersContinue reading “In Loving Memory of a Dear Friend”

Progress Report on The Ties Which Bind Us

I can’t believe how much has been added to this manuscript in just a short time. Maybe it was because it hadn’t been announced, so procrastination set in. It’s easy to procrastinate when no one else knows about what you’ve been writing…or not in this case. For me, I think the push to work onContinue reading “Progress Report on The Ties Which Bind Us”