Progress Report on The Ties Which Bind Us

I can’t believe how much has been added to this manuscript in just a short time. Maybe it was because it hadn’t been announced, so procrastination set in. It’s easy to procrastinate when no one else knows about what you’ve been writing…or not in this case.

For me, I think the push to work on and finish the manuscript, was a little thing called accountability. Once broadcast to my readers that a new novel was on the way, complete with title and description, and the positive response came back to me, the feeling of accountability to them lit the fire. Excitement also got the creativeness flowing, and it made me feel good about writing it again.

So, from many pages of research notes, ideas, and only a few chapters completed, as of today, there are ten finished chapters, and four still being worked on. Three of those chapters go in between the finished ones, and one is the last chapter. There are two additional chapters I haven’t started on yet. There may end up being a couple more, we’ll have to see how things play out. Sometimes as you work on one chapter, it gives you an idea for another one.

I’m loving the historical pieces that are interwoven, some were already known, others came to me while researching. I’m hoping you will enjoy them too. As always, there is the armchair traveling experience with at least five countries which you’ll be taken to in this novel.

Here’s hoping it will be finished and ready for publication very soon. Updates will be forthcoming as they happen.

Thank you so much for your interest in my writing. Have a great day and happy reading!!

Published by Simran Silva

Simran Silva is a writer, blogger, and public relations person, living in New England, with a published historical fiction novel ‘Postcards from Goa’, and a compilation of short stories, 'Journey into the Soul' to her credit.

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