What’s Your Inspiration?

Do you write, paint, create music, or have a craft you work on? What gives you the ideas for it? What inspires you?

There is usually music playing in the background when I am writing, especially if it is a novel. Often I listen to the type of music that would be playing in the era or location that is the subject of the story. Music also inspires me to write, even helping me out of writer’s block.

I find that having a corkboard nearby with inspiring ideas and pictures helps too. Another thing is an inspirational writing space. Various objects, photos, and cards from loved ones, along with plants inspire; but have you given thought to the color of your walls in your space? I admit, I never really considered it until recently. My walls are gray. Nothing wrong with gray, but they don’t really lend themselves to awakening my muse. Thus, the proverbial lightbulb went on several weeks ago while trying to decide on a color to repaint the room.

I was drawn to a light shade of my favorite color purple, but the décor is South Asian, and although purple is one of the colors in the accessories, I didn’t want the whole room the same and then change everything else. Also, besides the room needing brightening, it also needed to be a mood lifter and something that would inspire me.

After a trip to a paint store with pictures of the wall hangings, drapes, accessories, and a book on colors which enhance the South Asian style, I came home with several swatches to tape on the wall to see which looked best. Strangely enough, not one of them did what I needed them to do. However, when looking through my wallet later that day, the color of a coupon for an online store stood out. Go figure. I taped it to the wall next to one of the tapestries, and what do you know? It was just the inspiration I was looking for!

I purchased a small sample can of paint from the store and covered only a small section near my desk. After intervals of staring at it during meetings and my writing sessions, I felt it was the one. So, this morning I used up the sample and painted the rest of the section and the one on the other side of the windows in between the first and it. Not sure how many times I have gone in and out of the room and put the overhead light and desk lamp on and off to see the difference. Oh, and this afternoon the sun finally appeared, adding more light to the cause. Needless to say, I had the windows open the entire time I was painting anyway, despite the gray skies which matched the walls. One must always have sufficient ventilation when painting.

Now, I have the before pics and will take the after pics once I’m finished to show you what it looks like and get your opinion on it. In the meantime, I would love to know your inspirations and ideas. Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!

Published by Simran Silva

Simran Silva is a writer, blogger, and public relations person, living in New England, with a published historical fiction novel ‘Postcards from Goa’, and a compilation of short stories, 'Journey into the Soul' to her credit.

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